Twinings & Co


We love the passion of our people. They are excited about our brands and products, and thrive on being accountable to their business. And they also fill our office with a sense of drive, hard work and laughter… a perfect blend.



Our people achieve because we trust in their abilities, give them the freedom to do their jobs, encourage them to dream big and look to the future, and create a fun, supportive and rewarding workplace.

The perfect blend.

At Twinings & Co, we aim to help our people be the best they can be, and our culture is an important part of achieving this. Just like the art of blending flavours to create the perfect tea, we blend and balance key workplace elements to create a culture that’s ideal for our people to achieve and grow. The result – our people feel empowered to make a difference, and love doing what they do! Hear what some of them have to say.

Work & Play
We are all passionate about our brands and products, and are dedicated to our consumers - who love to refresh, revive or relax with them every day.  This dedication drives us to set inspirational goals and to succeed. Ultimately this is why we work so hard. But we have a lot of laughs and fun along the way, in a relaxed and friendly environment!

Autonomy & Support

Our people are all clear about their job roles and what’s expected, and we give them the freedom to get on and do it without getting bogged down in bureaucracy. To ensure everyone feels supported in their autonomy, we are big on leadership – our managers genuinely get a buzz out of helping their team members grow and achieve. We also have the resources, tools and training to ensure our people have the confidence and ability to perform.

Local & Global

There are many aspects of our business which is run like a local company. We are masters of our own destiny, so we are flexible and can proactively move to take advantage of situations before our larger, less autonomous competitors. On the flip side, we are easily connected to our global Twinings business and our parent company, Associated British Foods, who support us in many ways including where they have expertise and international career opportunities.

History & Vision

We are very proud of our history. Twinings has been a successful business for over 300 years, and with that comes lifetimes of invaluable expertise and experience we can use to further grow our business into the future. Our clear vision, strong strategic direction and commitment to continued investment ensure our continued success over the next 300 years!

Flexibility & Accountability

We focus on output and delivery – our people are free to have flexible working arrangements, and in return, we trust them to manage their workloads. Personal accountability is expected, and our people thrive on taking responsibility for their actions and results.  By mutual respect and commitment, we achieve together.