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At Twinings & Co, we love to inspire and be inspired. After all, our people, brands, products, customers and achievements are all inspirational! We are a visionary business, full of opportunities, challenges and fun. Be inspired to take a journey with us today.



We are passionate about creating. Whether it's creating our delicious products, innovative marketing campaigns, highly successful people, strong business growth or collaborative culture, it’s all about our efforts and dedication to create. Who wants to create their future with us?

The perfect blend.

Welcome to Twinings & Co.

At Twinings & Co, we do things differently. From creating the finest tasting teas to developing our people into the best that they can be, we believe everything we do needs to be a perfect blend.

Whether it’s being part of a global business, but having the autonomy to drive our business locally, or ensuring our hard working and dedicated people have fun while at work, it’s all about creating that perfect balance. So, as you explore us more in the following pages, we hope you’re inspired – creating our perfect blend just may include you.

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Social & Environmental  Responsibility is important to us

Learn more about our ethical sourcing program, work with the Ethical Tea Partnership and the support we provide to a number of communities in need through charity programs - both financially & through our employee volunteer program.